Have you been producing for some time now and you dream about making a four figure income per month selling beats online

Selling beats online may not easily take your income to four figures a month, but it will help your music career generating a lot of passive income, probably more than four figures a month if you do it right. It feels really good to be able to make money while you sleep? Doesn’t it? If you are just starting or thinking about how and where to sell your beats online, this post will help you through a lot more. I am producing for 10 years now and I started selling beats 3 years ago. I am about to enlighten you with be best method to jump in the game.

Let’s have a quick look at the methods of selling beats online

1. Beat selling websites

2. Your own Beat selling website

3. Selling personally through social media

1. Beat Selling Websites

This is the best place to start selling your beats as it is more easy, less time consuming and cheaper option. There are few beat selling websites and marketplaces where you can set up your own beat store in less than half hour. Let’s compare the various beat selling websites.

  • Beatstars.com
  • Airbit.com
  • Tracktrain.com
  • Soundengine.com

All beat selling website mentioned above offer similar type of tools for marketing your tracks online. You can try them all for free and decide on which one suits your needs the best. Beatstars and Airbit are the two main players in the game. If you don’t need the YouTube monetization or content ID feature that Airbit has to offer, I would personally recommend Beatstars platform as there is a great possibility of generating sales through their marketplace.


Beatstars Vs Airbit

Beatstars is clear winner in the game.

Now, assuming that you already have your beat selling player ready. You must be looking for a custom domain for your beat selling brand name. My advice is you might not actually need it now. You can rather focus on email marketing campaign. you can start with free email marketing tools like Mailchimp. There are Endless marketing possibilities with email marketing and ill tell you later in this post how to do it. You should better focus on your YouTube marketing and other things than your personalized website if you are not generating any sales. Once you start generating few sales, then it’s probably the best time to think about having your own personalized website.

2. Your own Beat selling website

Why build a beat selling website when I can just redirect a domain to my beat selling page?

Building a website from the scratch requires a lot of patience, effort and money. But you can do it if you keep at it. If you have been generating few sales from your YouTube, Instagram and other social traffic already, now it’s the perfect time for you to build your own personalized website. I have never seen a Beatstars pro page or Airbit page ranked in google searches. Its probably because Google considers those pages as subdomains, means although you have a domain attached to your beat selling pro page, you are still a subsite of Beatstars or Airbit.

Below are my resources recommendations for starting your own website.

  • 1. Fast Hosting Account 1 year with Domain – 100 USD
  • 2. Divi WordPress theme Lifetime License 250 USD.
  • 3. 2 months of time ( at least 5 hours a week)

Building a personalized website is all about providing an experience to your clients or audience. You don’t want your website to go down because your hosts servers are not responding. You want a real fast cloud web hosting service . I recommend

Fastcomet as it offers the best hosting plan for growing musicians. It offers WordPress cloud hosting with very fast ssd servers and ensures your beat selling website is never down.

You can click this link to receive upto 70% discount on your website hosting plan & Domain.

Building your beat store page means you are establishing a brand so make sure you have a html color code for your brand. You can also customize your Beatstars players with custom color codes to match your websites theme. I recommend the following free WordPress plugins to optimize your websites perfomance.

  • Wordfence – For security, login attacks and malware
  • W3 Total Cache – A cache plugin that saves your site files in your visitor’s browser temporarily so that your website performs very smoothly for returning visitors
  • WordPress SEO By Yoast
  • Woocommerce (optional) – For selling beat making services and sound kits

Also, do not forget to add your website to google webmasters tool like google analytics and search console. They provide you appropriate data of your website traffic and rankings.

Your website is ready, But your beat selling game isn’t going any good yet, SEO

Your website looks perfectly fine but it is not. It is not appearing in google searches and elsewhere because you haven’t yet discovered the SEO techniques that improve your website performance and ranks it on search engines like google, yahoo and Bing. There are two types of SEO commonly practiced by webmasters. On-Page & Off- Page. On page SEO is about optimizing your web pages in an appropriate manner using Meta Description, key phrases and Tags. You can use a plugin called WordPress SEO By Yoast to optimize your webpages easily. Off page SEO is practiced by building backlinks through articles, search directories and many other ways. You can start your link building campaigns once you have perfectly mastered your on page SEO. However, Our primary focus is selling beats online, so you can always hire SEO professionals to do your work and write your articles if you want to keep your focus on creating your content and branding. But its also important for your costumer to discover and trust you, in order to buy beats online from you. I hope this article will help you succeed in your beat selling game .

IMPORTANT NOTE : Use Google Search Console to track your google search rankings.

3. Selling Personally through social media

Selling beats personally through social media is the best if you have proper relationship with people in the Industry. You don’t usually want to Sell Leases through messenger and Instagram approaching people saying “ Hey, I am going to give you 5 beats for 50 bucks, are you interested in it?”. Plus it takes a lot of effort to build your own custom lease licenses while its an automated feature in beat selling platforms like Beatstars and Airbit. I am an introverted type of guy and I’m very bad at maintaining relationship, But I believe in my music and I have made a choice to stick with Number 2.